1. skindeeptales:

    Timur Lysenko

  2. plugporn:

    Ebony with Amboyna Burl by 4 Leaf Woodworks

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  3. zepsternerd:

    Little Linda

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    Wolf. Matt Buck @ Sacred Tattoo NYC

  5. plugporn:

    Caterpillar Coil Plugs by Modifika

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  6. malformalady:

    Crimea’s Sivash, better known as “Rotten”, Sea — a large system of shallow lagoons on the west coast of the Sea of Azov. It is an unusual place — about a 1,000 square miles in total water area, the deepest point of which is about 10 ft.
    Photo credit: Sergey Anashkevych
  7. malformalady:

    Blood stained ice on Baffin Bay, Greenland

    Photo credit: Layne Kennedy

  8. supersonicart:

    Anna Conway.

    Cold, disarming paintings that thrive from their mystery by Anna Conway:

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  9. fuckyeahillustrativeart:

    The Shattering of Captain Pike

    by Eric Scott Pfeiffer

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  10. malformalady:

    Cat with a blind eye

  11. malformalady:

    Providence, Rhode Island. 1st Place/Nature, Iphone Photography Awards

    Photo credit: © Felicia Pandola

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    Wild Belle- Happy Home