1. plugporn:

    Squid Throat Plugs by Modifika

    (Source: bodyartforms.com)

  2. fuckyeahtattoos:

    Matt Lambdin

    Ironclad Tattoo Company

    Troy, MI

    My very first tattoo and I am seriously in love with it

  3. inked-females:

    Follow us on Twitter @inkedfemales

  4. royalorganicjewelry:

    Some times you have to treat yourself. 1” laguna lace agate tears and matching 0g single flares for my flats.

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  5. malformalady:

    A resident walks along a railway track surrounded by trees on both sides, in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China, on June 15, 2014.

    Photo credit: Reuters/Stringer

  6. malformalady:

    The rich, warm tones of Seal Creek in Crojingolong National Park are the result of forest tannins leaching into the waters upstream. Croajingolong National Park protects 100km of eastern Victorian wilderness coast.

    Photo credit: Don Fuchs/Australian Geographic

  9. skindeeptales:

    Rafel Delalande

  11. imperialorganics:

    20mm Eden Valley Petrified Wood Plugs

    I LOVE working with petrified wood of all different kinds, fascinating patterns and textures!!! It never gets old!

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  12. wickedclothes:

    White Cotton Winged Scarf

    This scarf is made using extra-light cotton. Soft, comfortable, and durable, this scarf is white in color and features black wings and feathers, which are hand-painted. Sold on Etsy.

  14. (Source: inspoation)

  15. lohrien:

    Blue Flowers by Carne Griffiths dA l tumblr