3. skindeeptales:

    Rafel Delalande

  5. imperialorganics:

    20mm Eden Valley Petrified Wood Plugs

    I LOVE working with petrified wood of all different kinds, fascinating patterns and textures!!! It never gets old!

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  6. wickedclothes:

    White Cotton Winged Scarf

    This scarf is made using extra-light cotton. Soft, comfortable, and durable, this scarf is white in color and features black wings and feathers, which are hand-painted. Sold on Etsy.

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  9. lohrien:

    Blue Flowers by Carne Griffiths dA l tumblr

  10. plugporn:

    Grey Agate by Evolve

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  12. eatsleepdraw:

    Quoth the Raven - Alan Bao, 2013

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  15. imperialorganics:

    1” Aqua Labradorite Plugs

    My favorite thing about this pair is the beautiful red feldspar inclusions on the reverse faces mixed with a spattering of the flash. I love it when nature mixes it up a little!

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